Marka Email Generator

Marka Email Generator is a Figma plugin (opens in a new tab) which exports HTML Email Templates from Figma. Exported Templates works for all common Email clients includes Gmail, Apple Mail, Outlook and others.

Installing the plugin

The Plugin is available on from Figma Community. Install Marka Email Generator here (opens in a new tab)


How it works

The plugin scans nodes inside the frame, generates HTML code for each element and nested frame and exports a zip-archive with images and HTML file.

With Marka Email Generator you can create a completely unique design and layout for email templates.

It's best to start with ready-made templates inside the plugin.

Supported Email Clients

DesktopWeb (Chrome, FF, IE)Mobile Apps
Outlook 2000/02/03/07/10/13/16 (Windows)Gmail (IMAP, BusinessiOS Mail (iPhone 5 and up, iPad, iPad Mini)
Windows 10 MailOutlook.comGmail (iOS+Android, all account types)
Outlook 2011/16 (Mac)YahooGoogle Inbox (iOS)
Apple Mail 9/10AolMail (Android 6.0)
ThunderbirdOffice 365 WebYahoo (iOS)
ComcastOutlook (iOS)
Web.deAlto Mail (iOS)
GMX.deYandex Mail App
Terra Mail
Yandex Mail