On the Base account you can use all features of the plugin and the number of downloads is limited by 24

Pro account

Pro account gives acces to unlimited downloads and other cool features like Cloud Image Hosting, Text typograph, Minifying HTML code Read more about export options


Marka Plugin uses Gumroad for managing subscription. Gumroad is a service for accepting monthly payments. When you subscribe for the pro account on Gumroad, you need to verify your account in the Plugin.

How to subscribe on gumroad

  1. Go to the Plugin page on Gumroad
  2. Enter your payment data and subscribe for the Pro account
  3. Run Plugin, click on the User icon and enter the email you used on Gumroad service (this email may be different from you Figma accout email)

If your card doesn't work with Gumroad you can subscribe for Pro account on Boosty

Verify Pro account

Cancel subscribtion

You can cancel subscription on Gumroad or just write me an email

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