Getting started

Getting started

Creating a new project

When you launch the plugin for very first time, click on Create a new project. Marka will create a new frame with 600px width and autolayout.

Adding an existing project to the plugin

If you have exiting email project, run plugin, select the frame with project and click Select project

Creating a mobile layout

There are two options how you can create a mobile layout.

1. Responsive mode

Mobile version creates automatically based on Auto layout and Constraints settings of a desktop frame.

Pros: Lower file size, less code

Cons: You need to pay attention to Constraints and Auto layout settings of each element.

2. Breakpoints mode

Pros: You no need to adjust any Constraints or Auto layout settings. Easier to control elements on mobile version

Cons: Bigger file size and more code

In this mode you can design a special frame for desktop and mobile layouts.

If you don't need a mobile layout for a template, select a Breakpoints mode and use only desktop layout

Editing background of a email template

Plugin gets the background settings from the parent of the email project. You can adjust color of the canvas, or set an image for parent frame of a project

Template file size

For emails file size should not exceed 100KB because of Gmail. Gmail may cut emails bigger than 100KB, so I recommend to use Minify HTML option.