Editing a template



When the plugin renders a template, it scans the nodes in a frame and how each element will be displayed depends on its Constraints or Auto layout settings

Text Align

Check that the parent frame is set to vertical Auto layout, then insert the text block and set its horizontal alignment to Fill Container.


You can insert the list natively in Figma and it will be rendered in the template


There are several ways to add links to text in the template

  1. Using Figma Links

  1. In the Plugin UI go to the Properties tab, select a text and in the Link addres edit link

  1. Edit a layer name of a text object to #href(link adress)

Custom font size and line height for mobile

To use custom font size and line height for mobule layout go to the Properties, select a text object and in the Font size on mobile insert font size in PX and do the same for Line height on mobile